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We Couldn't Do This Without You

Updated: Jun 8

We would like to thank our hardworking and dedicated staff: Adina Hildebrandt, Christina Penhale, Maggie O’Scalleigh, Sue Newman, JD Hutchinson and Jen MacLellan; and our board: Mackenzie Williamson, Metta McNairn (aka Metta Rose), Gwenyth Dobie, Heather Stone, Sue Lehmann, Chloe Haigh & Emma Thomas.

Every year many hands contribute to the creation of our shows. StageCoach parents, family members and friends step up to the challenge of finding props and costumes, helping behind the scenes, and overall adding to the magic of our production. We feel such gratitude to our volunteers and parents for their support and hard work.

We have a deep appreciation for the many individuals and businesses who donated to our silent auction, we would also like to thank:

Apple Photo, All Saints by the Sea, Chloe Haigh,

Contour Grafix, Edgar & Gloria Hildebrandt, exitStageLeft Productions,

Gail Sjuberg, Gretta Hildebrandt, Kate Bragg, Lochinvar Roome,

Michele Mackenzie, Maureen Mackay, Robert Steinbach,

Salt Spring Books, SSIMS, Salt Spring United Church, Susannah Devitt, Wendy Beatty, Anonymous Angels, Our incredible family and friends!

An Extra Thank You to our 2024 Sponsors

BC Gaming

Country Grocer

Salt Spring Island Foundation (FOY)

Salt Spring Island Literacy

A Message from our Instructors

As we reflect on the years we've spent teaching theatre to children, we are

filled with a profound sense of gratitude and awe. Much like reading, theatre

has the unique power to spark imagination, expand vocabulary, inspire

creativity, empathy, and self-expression in young people. We've witnessed

countless transformations on stage as children discover their voices, embrace

their talents, and build their confidence. This year is no exception, the

students on this stage tonight have grown so much, they are not the same

students that entered our classrooms in September. It’s such a privilege to be

a part of this process, to help them find the courage to step into the spotlight

and share their voices.

We are so incredibly grateful for your love and continued support over the

years. Thank you for supporting island youth.

A Message from our Artistic Director

It is with such gratitude and humility that I step into the enormous shoes of

those who have come before me; Simon Henson, Margaret Jardine, Lynda

Jensen, Sue Newman, Don Keith and last but certainly not least Adina

Hildebrandt. Adina served as AD of StageCoach for 15 years, it is an

incredible legacy to follow. I will strive to serve our community and the

youth in our community with as much thoughtfulness, passion, love, deep

caring and dedication as she does. I love you Adina.

Christina Penhale - Artistic Director

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